Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Journal of SSEAYP 2008 (Day 28)

17 November 2008. (Kay Belated Birthday Celebration)

Hey it Kay birthday yesterday, I have wish him yesterday but no cake cutting ceremony.
So I told Kay that I want to have date with him today and will wait for him at the dinning hall to take breakfast together. I have order from the kitchen the birthday cake and have inform all Mapy to be there by 8.30 a.m.

He was so scared that we would throw egg at him. Ya lar after so long waited the right time to disturb him. He was happy and the best part is the cake I order draw his Car Jen2 on the cake. He loves his car so much. He can change GF not this Car. hehehehe

It already a month from home is missing everyone so much. Send postcard back to home and to abi & umi in Indonesia. Feeling much better today. Can’t wait to be in Bangkok, Thailand as that will be our next home stay. I was a bit demanding to get a rich family. I’m so jealous with some of them that have a wonderful family, and some of them are given pocket money to spent. How nice. It doesn’t mean I didn’t get the wonderful family only the bad influence. I was lucky, all my foster family are so nice and sporting.

Like my cabin mate, she has to return back to the ship only few hours with the host family. She and another of her home stay mate don’t fell safe in the house. There so many problem facing some of the PY and I suppose to Thanks to Allah, but I still demanding.

The will be discussion from 10 a.m. till 5 .00 p.m. and most of PY don’t really enjoy the discussion, they more enjoy SG or Club Activity and the best Party!!!

I was sick - bad cough

Hafiz is bored i guess!! in malay say dah tak ada kerja nak wat lar tu!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Journal of SSEAYP 2008 (Day 27)

16/11/2008 – Day 27 (On board – SICK! + Diarrhea + what ever!!)

Diarrhea!!! 20% of JPY, and most of PY have suspected to have food poising. I also one of the patient that day, maybe cause the spicy food in Indonesia, Japanese’s don’t really eat spicy food. I just sleep and inform Dahlia my ALY that I’m not felling well.

I told her that I need to rest, Later in the afternoon that will be CA activity and CA head is SICK again!!!! What is wrong with me when there is CA Activity? Coughing and fever + diarrhea, Fell so suck!!

Desmond SPY is quarantine in the clinic, he is worst then we, cant even stand, scary!!

Siti my home stay mate also in the same case, pity everyone lar, but what to do!

Sleep the morning till noon miss my DG discussion also.

Lan my beloved doctor onboard knock my cabin and give me medication. Took and sleep. Wake up in the afternoon, took shower and get ready for my CA. I have to wear mask! Bad coughing. I don’t felling like eating anything.

The activity will be at Dolphin hall, so most of Mapy already they and are excited to do CA today, Henna painting! So there are change for them to draw and expose they talent! I just supervise hehehe. Everyone are so happy.

Pavani is pro, Good Job Mapy love everyone!

Eifa the promo team!

Wow, nabil are pamperd by Soma, Delia & Linda, Cool Bro

Eifa with Ami, she love henna tatoo,,

Me!! SICK again

Pretend to be pro tatoo artist!
Mymamar night!

Sakit2 pun dress up yo! hahaha

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Journal of SSEAYP 2008 (Day 26)

15/11/2008 – Day 26 (Last day @ Jakarta)

Wakeup early, can’t really sleep, grandma & umi are in the kitchen while Siti still sleeping. Just sitting and spend my last day with them, our trip to Indonesia will be last today, Nippon Maru will depart from the port at 4.00p.m. Grandma was cooking meehon, my favorite noodle with shrimp sambal.

Took shower and I don’t notice my hand was wet, electric shot, I scream and it really scary. The pain was so there, I don’t really enjoy my breakfast, just a cup of tea and a bit of meehoon.

Pack my luggage and abi put it in the car. The journey will take 1 ½ hour depend on the traffic flow. Abi receive a phone call from the cabinet office and he need to be there. So he drive straight to the photo studio. The phone call was from the Minister of Youth and Sport. He was schedule to take photo with his staff at the studio at 11.00a.m. So and siti just wait till abi finish his work. Rest and cant wait to be back on board Nippon Maru.

Missing everyone.

Reach Tanjong Periuk port at 12.30p.m. as abi & umi to wait while me and siti need to change to attire A2 for open ship ceremony. When back to cabin, took shower and just rest for a while, feel so hungry and call siti, she ask me to go 1st, so I when to see umi and just spend time with her. Had my mee hoon, Yummy!

Wann wana me to company to the IPY stall that sell t’shirt and some Indonesia Alumni goodies. Wan buy for me a Nippon Maru Shirt. She told me that her foster mother didn’t give her change to spend her money. Everything was free for her. I was happy for her.
Ribbon Ceromony with siti & henry

Missing the ceromony!

Journal of SSEAYP 2008 (Day 25)

14/11/2008 – Day 25 (Home Stay & Tour @ Jakarta Metropolitan City )

Wake up, took shower and see new, today 2 of our SSEAYP friend will be interview in Metro news, JPY & CPY. I saw Delia, Zarida & Alia, on the preview, purple team, yesterday we was wearing attire C1. Took breakfast and I enjoy it, a bit spicy, siti love it, she say she love eating spicy food. Grandma cook, jackfruit curry, I cant eat, it a bit gassy, and I don’t want to take the risk to get sick during home stay, will make my foster parent in trouble. Cold sore already make me a bit uncomfortable.

Left home and went back to Taman Mini for shopping batik and visit. Spent 250,000 ruppiah hehehe, if it in RM it less then 100rm. Buy keychain, and shoe, and abi & umi bough for our parent batik, as a appreciation. I only can say thanks, excited actually.

Then we ride the cable car and view the TMII. It beautiful and u can find each of the traditional mini heritages. The weather is hot and stuffy. It maybe we just on board to long, :)

Breakfast di umah, yummy!!

Dihadapan kantor abi (infornt of My foster father office)

Avanza - same us my parent car back in Malaysia

The entrance of Taman Indonesia Indah( TII)

With Siti, Abi, Alia & Awin

The cable car.

Inside the cable car
I was in Jawa Tengah!!

The Kid Wonderland - same as Disney but this is Indonesia
Lunch time, Yummy

We went for lunch, hungry and tired, we only have today to expose Jakarta, us tomorrow we will go to be onboard. Miss my Ms Nippon Maru.

The food was spicy and yummy. Umi told us that she and abi usually will have their lunch or dinner here.

Alia enjoy eating, seeing her enjoy her food, she so cute, and she so pamper with his abi.

Abi have to leave us, he has radio interview at one of the radio station. He is working us a counselor for youth in the ministry of youth and sport republic of Indonesia.

While waiting for Abi at the building
We enjoy our lunch and rest for a while. It already 2.30p.m and umi decided to walk to the radio station. It only a few block away from the restaurant. While waiting for abi, I just have a rest.

With alia.
It now 4.00p.m and we will be going to Monas now. Monas is one of the landmark in Indonesia. Raining, and I saw a lot of PY’s here. I saw my buddy, Ganesh with her lovely foster family.
Mariemon, and us,,

Monas- with my family,
Monas- indonesia trade mark!
Happy and say to my self that I will miss all the moment spend with everyone, and I sure will cry on the last day of program. When back home, had dinner, Grandma cook, nasi goreng and with snack, took shower and I and siti exchange gift to pass to our foster family

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Journal of SSEAYP 2008 (Day 23-24)

12/11/08 – Day 23 – Not in a mood to write my journal!! Pits off with one of the Mapy!

13/11/2008 – Day 24 (Home Stay & Taman Mini Indah Visit)

Morning wake up late, sleepy n lazy, took breakfast 8.30a.m. Preparing for home stay, Attire C1. Today we will know who is our home stay mate, hoping to get more then 2 home stay partner so that will more fun.

Morning assembly at 9.15a.m at dolphin hall sits by contingent. Py’s with luggage for the home stay today after the institution visit to Taman Mini Indonesia. I was so shock to know that Siti SPY will be mine home stay mate in Indonesia, I seriously scream, and all Mapy was make joke of me. I seriously shock!! I don’t know what to say. Wann and kak ida was laughing, I also start to laugh. When I scream, all py’s was looking at my face. My cabin mate also was smiling at me, Lillian!!

Just decide to ignore what ever!!! Will wait for her to say hello 1st!! After assemble we need to be in SG group to the Department of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Indonesia. Took bus and I really pits off with one the SG member! She is so wana kena from me!!! I really hate her! She so pits off!$%^&$%*(%__*#$(*#(@

Reach the office by 11.00 a.m. All 360 py+ NL we given angklong each one. I was so excited with the angklong and it made 100% bamboo. We will play angklong, the traditional music instrument of Indonesia

I really enjoy the session; we sing and play the angklong and it so cool. The serve lunch and after that we continue with playing angklong. After this we will go to Taman Mini Indah for POC. Each contingent shall performance and we will go to performance bhangra dance tonight. Here we will meet our foster family. Dinner with foster family and after that change to Punjabi suit for bhangra dance, excited and nervous. 1st POC in Indonesia and we will be dancing infront of all foster parent and PY’s.

sleepy face smiling- Ma28 home mate SPY siti

SG-G the best!!

Tne & Awin

The welcome banner

The angklong!

At JB donout, Jakarta with Siti & Umi,

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Journal of SSEAYP 2008 (Day 22)

11/11/2008 – Day 22 (Reaching Tanjung Periok, Indonesia)

Wake up early 6.15a.m. today will be Indonesia (IPY) flag hosting ceremony. Attire A1 smell nice, I have wash it after the send of ceremony in Brunei. I was happy, I don’t know Y but maybe because we have finish our ND. All Mapy gather at the grand bath entrance at 7.10a.m. The flag hosting begin sharp 7.30a.m. Everything was smooth but one of the IPY that rising the flag of Singapore didn’t notice the flag was upside down.

It really happens! During our PDT, ex py told this kind of incident may happens, that y don’t smart to raising other contingent flag. National Leader of Indonesia, Mr Mirhan Tabrani before he begins his speech he make an apologies statement behave of Republic Indonesia to the ND of Singapore.

The incident has make one of the hot story on board. You can just hear the incident either in dinning hall or in the laundry room.

The IPY(he) that did the mistake cry after the flag hosting ceremony. He was so sad and has personally apologies to Singapore National Day Cornel.

We will be reaching Tanjong Periuk port by 10.30p.m. This will be our 2nd Port of Call.
The schedule will be going to the Parliament house of Republic of Indonesia and after that to the ASEAN office in Jakarta. The weather was hot and it took 1 hour from the port to the parliament house. Jakarta is famous with the traffic jam. I don’t fell comfortable, it really hot and we was wearing attire A1. I fill hungry, I have eaten my lunch before depart, but maybe because of the weather.

Reach the parliament house, cant believed that we will be entering the parliament house of Indonesia; In Malaysia also I don’t have opportunity yet to enter the building.

We were welcome, by Deputy Speaker of the house of Republic of Indonesia, Drs.M.A Muhaimin Iskandar M.S.I.

Took contingent photo with the Deputy speaker & some of the cabinet member. We were given a snack box with mineral water. I was so hungry and hoping that the snack box will have delicious food.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Journal of SSEAYP 2008 (Day 21)

10/11/2008 – Day 21 (Malaysia National Day)

The day has come, no more practice but this is the real show. Malaysia Contingent National Day! I don’t really sleep well, the training yesterday night finish at 12.30a.m.

Tired from home stay + rehearsal make me cant sleep. I almost forget the entire step.
Morning exercise for Mapy was cancel, everyone say they need a rest time. So Fairuz say no need. Took shower and had breakfast. Morning assemble begin as usually, with announcement of CA sub committee need to submit planning paper and there will be a meeting at mermaid saloon at 5p.m. Apperal was beside me, so I told her that I cant attend as today is my ND. She say it ok, and she will update me info, after that our DG-7 at Dolphin Lounge from 10.00-12.45 p.m. I was giving attention on the DG, worried about the ND how if I did the wrong step, rubbish!

Had lunch with kak ida, wann & eifa and other Mapy. Was making joke and enjoy the lunch before our ND. Change to SG t-shirt. The SG activity was fun with a lot of fun and laugh.

It 4.45p.m and the SG activity finish, so all Mapy will be gather at Dolphin Hall by 5 with everything. Hafis open the storeroom and Kak ida & eifa distribute the dress and Linda was in charge of makeup. I took shower and run to Dolphin Hall, I’m committee for decoration. So finish everything by 6.30p.m and get ready for the show that will start at 7.45p.m. Didn’t take dinner, no appetite.

Everyone is wishing everyone all the best. Soma & Alia will be the MC for the ND. Both of them look not ok! The show will start in 10 minute and Soma say he lost his script. He was so pail and was looking everywhere for his scrip. Terry & I search everywhere and I found the script was in the box down the table. He says thanks and that was scary, 10 minute before the ND and he lost his script! Alamak.

The show begins with support for all PY and I almost cry. I was really happy that we did our best during the ND. The felling free is there, no more practice for ND and no more tension. Yahoo!!!!

The ND was a 45 minute performance non-stop and that the best of our contingent. The show really gets a lot of good job knowledge for all of the PY’s. Happy and yoke(TPY) told me that I look beautiful, I was wearing tick makeup, as a stage artist. Say thanks for all the support.
Noodle party!!!! At rest lounge and all noodle are sponsor by Abah!!!

Vynecia Thang

Mapy Macgo Guys

Lan . Ok Fine!!

Mapy Teddy

Kak Ida & my self behind
Miss you all..
Beutiful Ladies.